Keeping Unbounce rolling

Unbounce is an early leader in the no-code marketing automation space with a best-in-class landing page builder.

They had accumulated some tech debt along the way to being number 1 in their space and needed some help addressing it.

The challenge

A perfect storm of circumstances found Unbounce without a team lead and several other key team members. The most pressing thing they needed was a Ruby on Rails upgrade on their large app.

The challenge was to get it done — with all the tests passing — in just 4 weeks.

What we did

First, we backfilled on leadership and throughput allowing them to keep their roadmap timelines.

Then, our familiarity with Rails and having done several Rails 4 upgrades for other projects already meant we were able complete this onerous task quickly with all the tests green in 2 weeks.

  • Ruby on Rails

How it turned out

We obtained our project objective well before the deadline — and under budget.

With those goals met, Unbounce still needed assistance, so we turned our 4-week engagement turned into a 3-month contract until they could rebuild their internal team.

We built features like multi-factor authentication, password strength requirements, and password expiry that would help their sales team land enterprise clients.

We researched the best user experience for password strength validation and chose a library that ensured that passwords were strong enough without the arbitrarily ridiculous and convoluted recipes that plague so many other applications.

With those changes in place, Unbounce was well on their way to better app and team performance.


Netsign was great to collaborate with on this project, they delivered high-quality code really fast.
Partho Ghosh Group Product Manager, Unbounce