Radicle Balance

From a tiny seed

Radicle was a founding company in the emissions reduction industry. In fact, they helped build Alberta’s carbon credit market - the first of its kind in the world. After acquiring Climate Smart and scaling up the application they reached a profitable exit — by a Big Five bank.

The challenge

The Radicle Group had just purchased Climate Smart and needed to integrate it as a new offering in their suite of products and operations. They had an ambitious road map to scale sales, but they needed our help.

What we did

We modelled the previously offline payment and renewal flows and built an integration with the Stripe subscriptions API. We then further enhanced subscriptions with Chargebee allowing product and sales teams to administer various pricing models.

We rebranded the application to match Radicle’s branding.

Climate Smart integrated into Radicle Branding

As with any acquisition, change management was required. To support this time of transition, we helped build and develop the in-house team. We led and trained what became a 7-member team at Radicle in both software development and dev-ops.

To achieve this we: qualified new hires, created onboarding processes, curated training material, set up continuous integration, encouraged pairing and mobbing, configured code quality checks, and created a simple development process.

We also adopted the practice of writing Architectural Design Records, so current and future developers would understand why certain decisions were made as well as the context surrounding those decisions. (In short, we set them up for long-term success).

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sidekiq
  • Vue
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ansible

How it turned out

The results speak for themselves: the careful work of using a design system for Climate Smart’s rebranding meant that implementing a new rebrand here was quick, painless, and ultimately successful.

On the security side, we received high marks on the security audit for our practices that helped meet industry standards and compliance. Due to the systems and documentation we had established, new hires were able to orient themselves and start contributing immediately, saving Radicle crucial time and resources down the line.

In November of 2022, Radicle Group achieved the goal of so many startups: they were acquired by the Bank of Montréal!