All In Pictures

All In Pictures gambled and won

All in Pictures is a film, television and digital media production company. They specialize in content creation. When they needed a website to showcase their projects, they turned to Netsign.

The challenge

All in Pictures needed a website that would showcase their past and future projects and position them favourably against much bigger companies.

We had a seed for the branding from @deadzonedesign. Our job was to expand the branding for the website and business cards. The client needed to be able to manage the site content themselves.

What we did

Business cards are by their nature very generic, but the playing card motif in the branding inspired us actually print the business cards as playing cards.

We used a company that prints custom playing cards and picked a high quality playing card stock. (They’re completely opaque when you hold them up to the light!).

The website design needed to prioritize images from their productions and clearly show the status of each project, hile reflecting the fun and professional tone of the brand. We built a simple linked content model using Contentful and then rendered it statically with some careful css work to make the masonry effect at the top of the home page.

  • Middleman
  • JavaScript
  • Contentful

How it turned out

Changing up the rules on the business cards was a huge success. When the partners hand out the cards they always provoke a reaction, a conversation, and a memory. The cards create great word of mouth marketing as people show them to colleagues.

Leah business card
Marc business card

Using a headless CMS like Contentful has made it really easy for the team at All in Pictures to manage the content themselves. They can proof updates on a staging site and then promote to the production site themselves.

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Now, they have a website that helps them compete with much bigger companies. The site gets them a seat at the table.

We’re delighted with the design of the new site, and of course the cards are a huge win!
Leah Mallen Partner, All in Pictures Inc.